Is marketing making a healthy contribution to your business?    

No one knows your business as well as you do. However, sometimes an objective viewpoint and recognising that you need assistance can make a positive difference. These days working hard is a given; we believe that working smarter is the way to better business.

Welcome to The Marketing Therapist.

The Marketing Therapist works with owners, managers and teams of medium and large organisations to design and deliver business growth strategies and marketing plans that puts customers' at the center of your business and achieves the results that you want.  We love working with and connecting people to get the best out of your business and the best for your customers.

Our marketing services are personalised, customised and largely business-to-business focused, based on extensive experience of corporate, international and, medium and small business across a broad range of industry sectors.

Call Nicky to discuss how marketing can deliver a healthy contribution to your business 027 276 5657 or email


The Marketing Therapist provides services that are registered for NZTE Capability Development vouchers’


Successful marketing is a far cry from the random selection of tactics on a typical marketing plan.

...

Our Viewpoint

Marketing cannot perform in isolation. To perform effectively a team needs to operate as a unified group... read more >>

Marketing cannot work in Isolation!
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